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Nu-Lax: nothing more than pure, natural ingredients

Constipation is a disorder which should be short-lived and easily treated. Yet for many people it is a recurring problem and a worry - if one takes medication frequently, could there be long term consequences?

This leaflet is to reassure you that Nu-Lax is effective and reliable, and well proven over many years. If you have an interest in your well-being, and care about what is put into your body (and who doesn't!) do read the comments here which were taken from much longer articles in medical and pharmaceutical journals.

Nu-Lax is made from pure dried fruits, which have been known to have a good effect on the bowel: figs, dates, apricots, peaches and pears. The active ingredient is also natural: the ground leaf of the herb senna.

The senna leaf was first used medicinally by the Arabs in the 9th Century, that's over a thousand years ago. Mixed with fruit, it has been marketed as Nu-Lax in Australia for over 60 years.

Nu-Lax is made with the finest ingredients under strictly-controlled hygienic conditions. No artificial additive or chemical is added in the manufacture. We could have made it prettier or more pliable or tastier - but that would have meant adding something, which we would not do. We'll say it again: Nu-Lax has only pure, natural ingredients. Nothing more.

Senna was introduced in therapy in the 9th Century by the Arabs. In the second half of the 19th century chemical investigation of the drug was undertaken, but only a century later the sennosides were isolated.

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