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About Nu-Lax Fruit Laxative

Orchard Manufacturing

Orchard Manufacturing first launched Nu-Lax in Australia in 1937. The Nu-Lax brand was trademarked in Melbourne in 1944. The original formula, prepared by city central Health Food Shop Proprietor Charles Algie, was initially prepared for a handful of regular customers who needed assistance with their `irregularity’. In a relatively short space of time, the number of customers ordering his special treatment swelled to such an extent that Mr Algie devised the Nu-Lax name and brand and began mass production.

In more than 60 years the trusted Nu-Lax formula has remained largely unchanged. An effective combination of the tropical herb senna plus the goodness of fruits including the theraputive effects of figs and dates, has been helping Australian families stay regular through good times and bad.

Today Nu-Lax is sold in several countries throughout the world including China, the traditional home of herbal medicine, Canada, New Zealand, Malta and in the United States of America.