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The Nu-Lax range comes in several convenient options to suit your personal needs. Select from the products below for more information.

Nu-Lax Fruit Laxative Block (250g & 500g)

Nu-Lax Laxative Fruit Block

Nu-Lax Fruit Laxative Bar (40g)

Nu-Lax Fruit Laxative Bar

Nu-Lax Natural Laxative Tablets (40 Tablets)

Nu-Lax Natural Laxative Tablets

Nu-Lax Natural Laxative Tablets with Senna & Prunes (40 Tablets)

Nu-Fibre Powder

Nu-Fibre Capsules (100 capsules)

Nu-Fibre Capsules

Nu-Fibre Powder (300g)

Nu-Fibre Powder